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Published: 21st September 2010
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Canada is situated in the northern half in the American continent. It can be the second biggest nation in the world, with the largest being Russia. Canada is probably one of the world's economic powers owing to its vast resources like fertile lands and mineral deposits. As a consequence of its rich resources and natural beauty, Canada is frequently visited by travelers from around the planet.

The Pacific Rim National Park is located at the west coast of the island of Vancouver. It enables the holidaymakers to do a variety of pursuits like surfing and whale watching. Tourists can also go on a trekking or hiking at the West Coast trail. A single of the most popular waterfalls in the world can be seen in Canada. The Niagara Falls is comprised of three waterfalls, namely, the Bridal Veil Falls, the Horseshoe Falls, plus the American Falls. A single can get a closer view on the falls by riding the Maid from the Mist boat.

Holidaymakers can do sightseeing within the spot, which likewise includes the Niagara Peninsula and also the Brock Monument. The Canadian Rockies is often a tourist attraction that presents mountain ranges which are separated by valleys. The Mount Robson, the Maligne Lake, and the Moraine Lake are visible in this place. The Cabot Trail is acceptable for those who love to camp, hike, trek, do biking, and climb mountains. The Grouse Mountain has a mountaintop theatre and an aerial tramway as its key features. People who go to this position can ski, ice skate, and snowboard.

The Baffin Island, the world's fifth largest island, has the Sirmilk National Park. Holidaymakers can also relish camping and island hopping here. The prairies can be located in between the Rocky Mountains and the region in the Excellent Lake. Tourists can visit the Lake Winnipeg, the Cypress Hills in Saskatchewan, plus the Winnipeg Beach Provincial Recreational Park. The Rocky Mountains gives shelter to wildlife. It likewise has streams, rivers, and valleys. Hiking and kayaking are some of the pursuits tourists can do in the holidaymakers spot referred to as the Bay of Fundy. Hikers can try the Evangeline Trail plus the Flower Pot Rocks.

Since Canada is a large nation, climate and weather may vary depending on the location but in general, the months of July and August are the warmest. Winter starts in December and finishers in February. It is suggested to bring lightweight clothing for the duration of summer and winter clothing during the wintertime months.

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