Famous Places to Visit in Mali

Published: 11th August 2010
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The Republic of Mali, located in West Africa, is the place to find renowned locations such as the metropolis of Timbuktu, the mosque at Djenné and the river port Mopti. Mali is section of the Southern Saharan desert and is mostly made up of rolling plains, deserts, savannahs plus the Niger River. This African country is very easily accessible with flights offered from Paris, Europe and New York. The former French colony is comprised of a massive array of persons: Bambara, Songhai, Mandinka, Senoufo, Fula, and Dogon. Visiting the Dogons is especially fascinating owing to their cliff-side villages and artistic skills.

Timbuktu, a name rather familiar to everyone but forever a mysterious location, is a well known tourist destination in Mali. Its fame hails from its strategic location that became a convergence of camel-caravan routes from West Africa on the Mediterranean considering that the medieval times. Today, it's but a shadow of its former glory but the tourists still come to travel to it to check out the several cultural museums, mosques and markets.

The mosque of Djenné is the largest mud-built structure on earth. Circled by colorful markets and madrassas (schools where kids learn the Qur'an), this mosque is like an apparition that gives testament to its rich heritage. The ruins of the Jenné-Jeno and also the bogolan mud-cloth are a few of the popular attractions and merchandise available in Djenné.

It's a must to go to the port town of Mopti, a full of life spot wherever boats unload their assorted cargoes to trade. Traders sell their wares, fruits, and livestock in Marché Souguni where by several spices, medicines and foodstuff are being sold as well.

The best time to travel to Mali would be from November to January when the climate is cool and the daytime temperature ranges are part of their 30s. Check out Mali in January to see their popular musical event called the "Festival from the Desert of Timbuktu".

Keep in mind to be careful when walking at night or riding a train in Kayes or Bomako wherever thieves typically roam. Tourists should also take extreme precaution in Northern Mali in which bandits have been regarded for kidnapping.

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